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webSPELL NOR - 1.2.5 In diesem Update wurden zahlreiche Sachen behoben und hinzugefügt.
Alles weitere steht unten im Changelog.

style(messenger): replaced old gif icons with font-awesome
chore(bbcode) replaced old toggle function with bootstrap collapse
style(comments, buddies) replaced old gif icons with FontAwesome icons
template(index) changed icons from bootsnip to placeholder
style(polls) added alert-info box for no entry
chore(about): output fixed if no text available
templates(news_post): fixed a bug that made it possible to save a blank news
template(index) changed icons from bootsnip to placeholder
style(polls) added alert-info box for no entry
chore(checklogin): removed unused style defines
style(index): changed skype support chat to discord
chore(upload): old style adapted to bootstrap
install(carousel): link updated to
chore(myprofile): changed edit pw and edit email btn class
chore(style): added missing alert class
chore(installer): fixed failed install on upgrade from 4.3.0 to NOR 1.2.5
img-responsive for the squad icons
btn colours and old gif to FontAwesome Icons changed
new color styles with label
button color changed
changed btn colors
chore(members): remove unused constant
chore(members): show alert only if a description is set and added img-resonsive class to <img>
templates(lock): wrong css path for bootstrap fixed
chore(installer): removed old partners
language(imprint): updated text
Update users.php aktivität/inaktivität
changed the well to alert-info
Update members.php inaktiv aktiv
replaced button colors
deleted the alert, will only be placed in the php file
info alert only for gaming squads
replaced noavatar picture with better one
deleted duplicated file
deleted old icon - replaced by FontAwesome Icon
replaced old icons with FontAwesome Icons
new layout designed with bootstrap for the lock page.
own css file for lockpage
webspell nor Logo for lockpage
Update articles.php generateAlert
Update calendar.php generateAlert
Update clanwars.php generateAlert
Update polls.php generateAlert
Update files.php generateAlert
Update demos.php generateAlert
User-Admin Rechte im Bezug auf Squadmitglieder
admin(servers): duplicate header removed
chore(install): fixed CHAR value for the gameicons (3 to 10)
chore(language): added missing language strings
admin(index): wrong link fixed and removed the smiley navigation point
admin(members): missing bootstrap button class added
functions(user): fixed wrong output
green border-color removed
Link fehler in der navi
chore(installer): remove duplicate links from database
install(migrate): removed unused update select
template(index): date fixed
installer(migrate): migrate from webspell 4.2.5 to NOR 1.2.5 (fixes #4)
chore(language): spelling changed
Fehler in den Templates / Angleichung
Ranks erstellen
chore(language): admin language updated
chore(myprofile): changed input type from url to text
chore(sponsors): link and banner output fixed
functions(user): changed nickname output
chore(news_comments): added missing comment counter
chore(profile): added missing bootstrap class
chore(bbcode): font-size and font-face replace fixed
chore(ignore): replaced old icons with font-awesome icons
chore(members): old icons with font-awesome icons replaced
chrome(myprofile): added possibility to delete the account
Update admincenter.php
Delete addons.php
Update functions.php
chore(install): added missing column description
chore(install): remove duplicated links
chore(install): make install ready for 1.2.5
language für plugin 1.5, navi, admincenter in eng.
Plugin 1.5 und Fehlerbereinigung Schiebebuttin im Ac. Umbenennung der addon in dashnavi
Update page.css
Update index.php
chore(myprofile): fixed password validation on mail change
chore(forum): fixed user_guestbook (font, new entry button) and changed the quicklink navigation
chore(install): fixed undefined notice (no login possible)
admin(admincenter): removed the bootstrap switch
admin(sponsors): added missing http://
chore(joinus): clan history is not longer a required field.
chore(members): homage is not longer a required field
chore(templates): added some missing http://
chore(language): added missing language strings
Update sponsors.html Textumbruch
Update registered_users.php text
chore(register): added support to deactivate / activate register for more than one account with the same ip
chore(install): php 5.4 or newer, older php versions are not supported anymore.
chore(demo): missing Space added
chore(out): wrong redirect fixed
chore(system): remove unused files
chore(gallery): fixed sc_potm mysql error
chore(games): fixed missing support of the new game icons (png, jpg)
chore(language): added missing %vs% string
chore(language): added missing string
chore(bbcode): underline tag fixed
news(style): fixed rubric pic overflow
chore(admincenter): tooltip for the inputs fixed
admin(style): removed unused file
admin(style): added missing images
chore(style/js): structure adjusted
chore(language): added missing %mail% variable
chore(lostpassword): redirect added due prevent that you get your new password 2 times
core(news): notice error fixed
core(clanwars_details): notice errors fixed
admin(core): wrong links for css and js files fixed
html(profile): make profile responsive
install(db): varchar increased
components(core): folder structure adjusted
core(bbcode): removed and replaced old font syntax
install(functions): MySQL Syntax Error fixed again
install(functions): mysql syntax error fixed
core(games): support now png / jpg as icons and increased the tag maxlength from 3 to 10
core(news): preview fixed and missing css files included
index(css): double font-awesome include removed
core(smileys): replaced the old smileys with the new emoji ones fixes #9
core(language): text adjusted
core(font-awesome): updated to 4.7.0
core(version): version changed to 1.2.5
core(files): wrong count of top5 fixed
fix(boards): sort was not working fixes #6
fix(members): old file replaced with the right one

M _error.php
M _plugin.php
M _settings.php
M about.php

D admin/_settings.php
D admin/addons.php
M admin/admincenter.php
M admin/boards.php
M admin/buttons.php
M admin/changelog.php
M admin/css.php
D admin/css/bootstrap-colorpicker.css
D admin/css/
D admin/css/bootstrap-colorpicker.min.css
D admin/css/
D admin/css/menu.min.css
D admin/css/page.css
D admin/css/style-nav.css
D admin/css/style.css
A admin/dashnavi.php
M admin/games.php
D admin/images/setting.png
D admin/img/bootstrap-colorpicker/alpha-horizontal.png
D admin/img/bootstrap-colorpicker/alpha.png
D admin/img/bootstrap-colorpicker/hue-horizontal.png
D admin/img/bootstrap-colorpicker/hue.png
D admin/img/bootstrap-colorpicker/saturation.png
D admin/js/bootstrap-colorpicker.js
D admin/js/bootstrap-colorpicker.min.js
D admin/js/menu.min.js
D admin/js/page.js
M admin/members.php
M admin/modrewrite.php
M admin/moduls.php
M admin/newsletter.php
M admin/overview.php
M admin/plugin-manager.php
M admin/ranks.php
M admin/servers.php
M admin/settings.php
D admin/smileys.php
M admin/sponsors.php
M admin/squads.php
M admin/styles.php
M admin/users.php

M articles.php
M awards.php
M buddies.php
M calendar.php
M cashbox.php
D circle.yml
M clanwars.php
M clanwars_details.php
M comments.php
M checklogin.php

A components/admin/css/bootstrap-colorpicker.css
A components/admin/css/bootstrap-colorpicker.min.css
A components/admin/css/bootstrap-switch.css
A components/admin/css/menu.min.css
A components/admin/css/page.css
A components/admin/css/style-nav.css
A components/admin/css/style.css
A components/admin/images/setting.png
A components/admin/img/bootstrap-colorpicker/alpha-horizontal.png
A components/admin/img/bootstrap-colorpicker/alpha.png
A components/admin/img/bootstrap-colorpicker/hue-horizontal.png
A components/admin/img/bootstrap-colorpicker/hue.png
A components/admin/img/bootstrap-colorpicker/saturation.png
A components/admin/js/bootstrap-colorpicker.js
A components/admin/js/bootstrap-colorpicker.min.js
A components/admin/js/bootstrap-switch.js
A components/admin/js/index.js
A components/admin/js/menu.min.js
A components/admin/js/page.js
D components/bootstrap.min.css
D components/bootstrap.min.js
A components/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.css
A components/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.js
A components/emoji/ (all files)
A components/font-awesome/ (all files)
A components/jquery/jquery.min.js
A components/profile/profile.css
A css/lockpage.css
M css/page.css
M css/scrolling-nav.css

M demos.php
M download.php
M faq.php
M files.php
M forum.php
M forum_topic.php
M gallery.php
M history.php

M images/avatars/noavatar.gif
M images/banner.gif
D images/icons/admincomment.gif
D images/icons/announce.gif
D images/icons/asc.gif
D images/icons/buddy_add.gif
D images/icons/buddy_delete.gif
D images/icons/buddy_ignore.gif
D images/icons/buddy_readd.gif
D images/icons/closed.gif
D images/icons/delete.gif
D images/icons/desc.gif
D images/icons/download.gif
D images/icons/edit.gif
D images/icons/email.gif
D images/icons/hp.gif
D images/icons/member.gif
D images/icons/multipage.gif
D images/icons/newreply.gif
D images/icons/newtopic.gif
D images/icons/offline.gif
D images/icons/online.gif
D images/icons/pm.gif
D images/icons/pm_new.gif
D images/icons/pm_old.gif
D images/icons/pm_reply.gif
D images/icons/poll.gif
D images/icons/poll_bg.gif
D images/icons/posticon.gif
D images/icons/printview.gif
D images/icons/quote.gif
D images/icons/search.gif

A images/logo.png
M images/nopic.gif
D images/partners/1.gif
A images/partners/1.png
M images/partners/2.png
M images/partners/3.png
M images/partners/4.png
A images/partners/5.jpg
D images/partners/5.png
A images/plugins/Thumbs.db
A images/plugins/layout-haupt2.jpg
A images/plugins/layout-haupt3.jpg
A images/plugins/layout-haupt4.jpg
A images/plugins/layout-haupt5.jpg
D images/smileys/ (all files)

M images/userpics/nouserpic.gif
M index.php

M install/ajax.php
M install/functions.php
M install/index.php
M install/install.js
M install/languages/de/index.php
M install/languages/de/step0.php
M install/languages/de/step1.php
M install/languages/de/step2.php
M install/languages/de/step3.php
M install/languages/de/step4.php
M install/languages/de/step5.php
M install/languages/de/step6.php
M install/languages/en/index.php
M install/languages/en/step0.php
M install/languages/en/step1.php
M install/languages/en/step2.php
M install/languages/en/step3.php
M install/languages/en/step4.php
M install/languages/en/step5.php
M install/languages/en/step6.php
M install/languages/fr/index.php
M install/languages/fr/step0.php
M install/languages/fr/step1.php
M install/languages/fr/step2.php
M install/languages/fr/step3.php
M install/languages/fr/step4.php
M install/languages/fr/step5.php
M install/languages/fr/step6.php
M install/step0.php
M install/step01.php
M install/step02.php
M install/step03.php
M install/step04.php
M install/step05.php
M install/step06.php
M install/style.css

M joinus.php
M js/bbcode.js

D languages/de/admin/addons.php
M languages/de/admin/admincenter.php
A languages/de/admin/dashnavi.php
M languages/de/admin/moduls.php
A languages/de/admin/plugin-manager.php
M languages/de/admin/settings.php
M languages/de/clanwars.php
M languages/de/comments.php
M languages/de/demos.php
M languages/de/forum.php
D languages/de/forum1.php
M languages/de/imprint.php
M languages/de/myprofile.php
M languages/de/navigation.php
M languages/de/registered_users.php
D languages/en/admin/addons.php
M languages/en/admin/admincenter.php
A languages/en/admin/dashnavi.php
A languages/en/admin/moduls.php
A languages/en/admin/plugin-manager.php
A languages/en/admin/rubrics.php
M languages/en/admin/settings.php
M languages/en/clanwars.php
M languages/en/comments.php
M languages/en/demos.php
M languages/en/faq.php
M languages/en/forum.php
M languages/en/imprint.php
M languages/en/myprofile.php
M languages/en/navigation.php
M languages/fr/admin/admincenter.php
M languages/fr/admin/settings.php
M languages/fr/clanwars.php
M languages/fr/comments.php
M languages/fr/demos.php
M languages/fr/myprofile.php
M languages/fr/navigation.php

M login.php
M lostpassword.php
M members.php
M myprofile.php
M messenger.php
M news.php
M news_comments.php
M out.php
M poll.php
M polls.php
M profile.php
M register.php
M registered_users.php
M sc_results.php
M sc_servers.php
M sc_sponsors.php
M server.php
M smileys.php
M sponsors.php
M squads.php

M src/func/bbcode.php
M src/func/gallery.php
M src/func/game.php
M src/func/user.php

M templates/addbbcode.html
M templates/articles_edit.html
M templates/articles_post.html
M templates/awards_edit.html
M templates/awards_new.html
M templates/challenge_loggedin.html
M templates/challenge_notloggedin.html
M templates/clanwar_edit.html
M templates/clanwar_new.html
M templates/demo_edit.html
M templates/demo_new.html
D templates/files.php
M templates/files_edit.html
M templates/files_new.html
M templates/forum_stats.html
M templates/ignore_content.html
M templates/links_new.html
M templates/lock.html
M templates/members_details_head.html
M templates/members_head_head.html
M templates/myprofile.html
A templates/myprofile_deleteaccount.html
M templates/navigation.html
M templates/news_post.html
M templates/newsletter.html
M templates/pm_new.html
M templates/pm_new_touser.html
M templates/pm_reply.html
M templates/pm_show.html
M templates/poll_foot.html
M templates/poll_voted_foot.html
M templates/profile.html
M templates/profile_guestbook.html
A templates/profile_guestbook_quicklinks.html
M templates/registered_users_foot.html
M templates/registered_users_head.html
M templates/sc_servers.html
M templates/server.html
M templates/shoutbox.html
M templates/sponsors.html
M templates/squads_head.html
A templates/title_login.html
M templates/whoisonline_foot.html
M templates/whoisonline_head.html
M templates/whowasonline_foot.html
M templates/whowasonline_head.html

M upload.php
M version.php
M whoisonline.php

M = Modifiziert
A = Neue Datei hinzugefügt
D = Gelöschte Datei

Für User die von der 4.3.0 (Git-Version vom originalen webSPELL) updaten wollen, bitte die version.php nicht mit hochladen.Erst nach dem Update der Datenbank die aktuelle version.php hochladen, sonst schlägt das Update fehl.Vor dem Upgrade bitte ein Backup machen. Wir übernehmen keine Haftung!ENG:For users who want to update from the 4.3.0 (Git version of the original webSPELL), please do not upload the version.php.Only after updating the database upload the current version.php, otherwise the update will fail. Please make a backup before the upgrade .We assume no liability!

webSPELL NOR - 1.2.5 (Update only) Mit diesem Archiv bieten wir euch nur die geänderten Files an.
Dies ist kein vollständiges webSPELL NOR!

With this archive we offer you only the changed files.
This is not a complete webSPELL NOR